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Family Mediation

mediationAll of our Independent Social Workers have skills in the process of mediation. Mediation can provide invaluable assistance to reduce conflict and form much better working relationships.

Private Law

We are able to provide a cost effective approach to dispute resolution within Private Law Proceedings to enable the parties to move on in the hope that the best outcome can be achieved for the child.

Our package of family mediation work is comprehensive and tailored to meet the individual needs of the family.

Public Law

Frequently within Public Law Proceedings the relationship between the parent and the Local Authority deteriorates to an unacceptable level. We undertake a process of mediation to enable the working relationship to be re-established.

A number of our Independent Social Workers have achieved very positive results. This is particularly important to consider if the indicators suggest that a child can be placed within a family but the working relationship between the Local Authority and the family needs to be developed.

Conflict Resolution

Within the workplace situations of conflict can arise. This may be between two individuals or within a group of people. We work with the organisation to identify the issues that arise and then work to resolve the difficulties. We have undertaken conflict resolution work within Local Authorities, legal practices, private companies and within sporting teams. The results are immediately impressive and long lasting.

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