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Viability Assessments

viabilityThe viability assessment is an assessment that details a person’s social history and undertakes a thorough evidence based practical evaluation of the family and environmental factors required to be assessed within the framework for the assessment of children in need and their families DoH 2000.

It is widely acknowledged that sufficient stability needs to exist within the family and environmental factors.

We have developed our unique adult based viability risk assessment that critically considers the merits of further assessment work being undertaken.

Our viability assessments are thorough assessments that provide reasoned and rational recommendations on the best way forward. We accurately assess the merits of further work being undertaken and make recommendations about the best way forward.

We are able to offer very competitive timescales and undertake viability assessments at short notice.

Please call Mark Webb on either 01282 453334 or 07973 701807, in absolute confidence for an informal discussion, or by e-mail using our contact page.